Rebecca Margolese-Malin, Artist

Rebecca Margolese-Malin
Artist's Statement

I work in soft pastel or vine charcoal on high quality paper and illuminate the subject with natural light. I view the subject from a determined vantage point and attempt to depict what I see and not what I know intellectually about its structure. My goal is to capture the subtle changes in the half tones and the glowing richness of the lights and darks whether the subject is a still life or portrait. My intent in portraiture is to create a painting as well as likeness.

My training has a lineage extending back to the academic ateliers of the French Écôle des Beaux Arts of the Nineteenth century. The Boston School of American Impressionism preserved this atelier method of training artists. One member of this group, William McGregor Paxton, was trained in France by Jean-Leon Gerôme* and taught the very successful teacher R. H. Ives Gammell. Two of Gammell’s many students, Paul Ingbretson and Robert Cormier, taught my teacher, Lindesay Harkness.

* Gerôme studied with Antoine-Jean Gros, one of Jacques Louis David’s most successful students.


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